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SKU: BMW1109

BMW S85 ( E60 M5 ,E63 M6 ) Master Camshaft Alignment Tool KIT

Master tool set contains a comprehensive set of tools to perform camshaft timing on S85 V-10 engines. The kit includes the following
Camshaft Alignment Fixtures: Two camshaft alignment jigs to fix the camshafts in the proper (TDC) orientation during assembly. 

Flywheel Alignment Pin: To align the flywheel at the TDC position

VANOS Setting Tools: Fixtures to set and adjust valve timing and the basic VANOS setting.

VANOS Timing Socket: For turning the engine (at crankshaft) when adjusting VANOS timing

Application Detail: 
BMW. S85B50 DOHC 40-valve V10 engine fitted to E60 M5 and E63 M6.

Material: Black Oxide Coated Steel.